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Careers in Videndum Media Solutions

Videndum’s Media Solutions Division designs, manufactures and distributes premium branded equipment for photographic/video cameras and smartphones, and provides dedicated solutions to professional and amateur photographers/videographers, ICCs, vloggers/influencers, gamers, enterprises and professional sound crews. This includes camera supports and heads, smartphone accessories, lighting supports, LED lighting, lighting controls, motion control, audio capture and noise reduction equipment, camera bags and backgrounds.

Are you passionate about photography, videomaking and content creation? Are you looking for a work culture where creativity is valued, and self-expression actively encouraged? If yes, then we want to meet you! Please email hr.media-solutions@videndum.com to discover the latest career opportunities. 


Careers in Videndum Production Solutions

Videndum’s Production Solutions Division designs, manufactures and distributes premium branded and technically advanced products and solutions for broadcasters, film and video production companies, ICCs and enterprises. Products include video heads, tripods, LED lighting, prompters, robotic camera systems and mobile power solutions. It also supplies premium services including equipment rental and technical solutions.

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Careers in Videndum Creative Solutions

Videndum’s Creative Solutions Division develops, manufactures and distributes premium branded products and solutions for film and video production companies, ICCs, gamers, enterprises and broadcasters. Products include wireless video transmission and lens control systems, monitors, camera accessories, live streaming solutions and software applications.

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