Our people are key to Videndum. Their attitude and abilities, experience and market knowledge, talent and commitment create a culture that supports product excellence, creativity and integrity.

Videndum Media Solutionsplus

Leonardo Mannerucci Social Media and Communications Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy
Francesco Lorini Amazon Vendor Commercial Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy
Helen Davis Receptionist HQ, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy
Francesca Borsatto HR Director EMEA, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy
Elena Parolin Head of Financial Reporting and Consolidation, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy
Luis Quehl Design Director, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy

Massimilliano Maccagnan

Plant Director, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy

"I have been working at the Italian plant for eleven years. Eleven years of exceptional evolution. In recent years I’ve been part of the lean transformation of the plant and have seen the rise of lean culture at all levels of the organisation."

Milly Kuan

Online Sales Coordinator, Videndum Media Solutions, Japan

"I joined Videndum in November 2021 as an Online Sales Coordinator and the flexible working environment allows me to work remotely. I feel privileged to be part of an organization that allows me to develop professionally, and I enjoy the challenge every day."

Mel Fu

Senior Purchasing Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, China

Mel Fu

"I joined Videndum in November 2021. Immediately I found my colleagues and internal partners to be kind and supportive. They have helped me tremendously, meaning I have picked up my job quickly. I always feel supported by a great team!"

Billy Song

E-commerce Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, China

"I joined Videndum in 2021 as an e-commerce manager. It's a great honor to be part of a company that provides opportunities to develop. The friendly atmosphere has allowed me to integrate into the company quickly and focus on the field of e-commerce to make more breakthroughs in this area."

Elena Dal Prà

Consumer Care Specialist, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy

"I have been working at Videndum for one year and so far, it has been an amazing experience. Working in such an open minded, multicultural, and respectful environment encourages me to do my best every day and gives me the chance to develop my professional skills in the most positive way."

Tullia Ferro

Brand and Communications Manager Joby, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy

"I joined the Videndum Media Solutions Communication team just before the pandemic and have learnt so much. From approaching problems from a different perspective – and understanding that they can always be turned into opportunities – to the strength of teamwork. Working on a beach clean-up project alongside kids from Picture of Life really showed me that together we can make a difference."

Lani Lin

Planning Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, China

"I have been working remotely in Videndum over 3 years. I compare myself to a photographer going to the wild to make photos, the success depends heavily on the availability and quality of the gears. I enjoy working efficiently in Videndum, thanks to the great teams, reliable systems and good office equipment that are all available in Videndum."

Michelle Allcott

Cell Leader, Videndum Media Solutions, UK

"Being in a working environment during a pandemic seemed quite a scary prospect. On return to work, although having regular email contact, I still didn’t know what to expect. Everything was in place, cleaning products, hand sanitisers, masks, gloves, routes throughout the premises. Everyone soon settled in and worked together keeping each other safe and understanding each other’s needs, worries and anxieties. Morale was high as we’d returned to work and set higher with a free coffee machine (who doesn’t like ‘free’?). Skills have been adapted to suit the business and employee and measures set in place for social distancing. Understanding of supporting each other and the Company’s support has been fantastic."

Caroline Dennis

Accounts Assistant, Videndum Media Solutions, UK

"During the pandemic Videndum adapted quickly and provided everything needed to continue our work effectively and efficiently. Videndum implemented systems meaning I could keep in contact with colleagues, giving the office environment while working from home. The wellbeing of employees has always been Videndum’s top priority during these unprecedented times"

Maria Blanco

Customer Operations Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, Australia

"My journey with Videndum started over two years ago, and since then, my role has evolved rapidly. The organisation strengthens my passion for Customer Service even more and I am very excited with the possibilities in my new role since I strongly believe that 'we are nothing without our customers'."

Thomas Pavlik

Sales Director (Germany & Austria), Videndum Media Solutions, Germany

"I am grateful that Videndum gives me the opportunity and the associated technical equipment to do my work from home. Home office work is the safest place during the pandemic. This gives me and my family a feeling of additional security."

Sophia Wang

Quality and Counterfeit, Videndum Media Solutions, China 

"I was impressed by how Videndum reacted to the pandemic. I thought 'People Focus' was just a slogan on the wall but Videndum does practice in this way. We are respected and never alone. We got timely supply of protective materials during the outbreak and a series of policies and guidelines were issued to ensure our safety, such as Smart Working and the Employee Assistance Program. I am proud to be a member of Videndum."

Paul Bryan

Field Trade Marketing Manager (UK, Northern Europe and S.E Asia), Videndum Media Solutions, UK

"During the past seven years I have been privileged to work with a fantastic team in the UK. I’m now exited to be part of the new Trade Marketing team collaborating with colleagues around the world. Videndum is a great place to work and offers plenty of opportunities."

Eva Toth

Finance Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, Australia

"Being part of the Group gives me insights not only to the entity’s accounting matters and processes where I am based locally but also to other entities. (In my case, I am based in Australia, but have dotted line responsibilities for Accounts at Syrp (NZ)). This enables me to broaden my knowledge and have experience with other type of entities and accounting setups.

Coming from a smaller company, reporting to HQ and having their guidance gives me the opportunity to develop my knowledge and experience the corporate environment.

This year I now have added responsibilities of IT and Supply beside the Finance area, which enables me to work on projects that are not strictly Finance related to further broaden my knowledge."

Alessio Scopel

Kaizen Promotion Office Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, Italy

"Being part of such an exciting and dynamic environment makes every day interesting and enjoyable. The positive energy from colleagues has pushed me to grow, and lead the Continuous Improvement Team. I am looking forward to innovating and enhancing our process, to perform and be a top player in this fast and changing market."

Gina Ciannamea

Business Development and Customer Service Director, Videndum Media Solutions, US

"Since joining Videndum in 2016, I have gained invaluable experience working in multiple departments. I am grateful to work for a company with so much growth potential. As the company expanded, I now lead Customer Service in the US. I am thankful for the opportunities this company has given me and consider myself lucky to have the privilege of leading remarkable teams."
Alyssa Naddour  Marketing Director, Videndum Media Solutions, US
"I’ve enjoyed the exciting challenge of leading Videndum Media Solutions’ US marketing efforts since 2023. Building upon the renowned brand reputations within our portfolio, collaborating with creative organizations, and strengthening key customer programs would not be possible without the top tier support from all of the exceptional Videndum team members located worldwide."
Lisa Sherif Sales Coordinator, Videndum Media Solutions, US
"Working at Audix these past 4 years has been so rewarding. Being part of a supportive team and having the opportunity to take on new challenges has been incredibly fulfilling. The new developments at Audix have been exciting and I’ve enjoyed connecting with everyone from Videndum. Embracing new challenges has revealed my capabilities, especially with the support of this exceptional company. I am genuinely enthusiastic about the future and my evolving role within it."
Christopher Denogean Social Media/Community Manager, Videndum Media Solutions, US
"Since joining Videndum's Pro Audio division in 2022, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a global team on key initiatives and launches. This experience has been invaluable, providing me with knowledge and exposure I wouldn't have gained elsewhere."

Videndum Production Solutionsplus

Harry Rout Finance F&P Manager, Videndum Production Solutions, UK
Michael Herbert Senior Product Manager – Lighting, Videndum Production Solutions, UK
Ali Harrison Global HR Operations Specialist, Videndum Production Solutions, UK

Elena Ramirez

Machine Shop Supervisor, Videndum Production Solutions, Costa Rica

"I have worked for Videndum for almost 12 years. Within this time, I have been given many opportunities to grow and develop on a professional and personal level. My most recent successful goal was becoming MS’ supervisor. I am proud to say I work for an exceptional company."

Dan Abbott

Loan & Demo Coordinator, Videndum Production Solutions, UK

"I’ve been with Videndum since August 2017. I feel privileged to be part of this Company, especially given the development opportunities it provides internally. I’m excited for my future here."

Namyong Yun

Regional Sales Manager, Videndum Production Solutions, South Korea

"Videndum is a company focused on employee safety. 2020 wasn’t a normal year and nobody expected the COVID-19 pandemic. Korea infection cases increased from the beginning, but Videndum instructed us to stay safe with clear regulations and support as a team. Moving forward to a new year, I believe the company, whom I am proud to be part of, will continue to focus on employee safety to enable them to fulfil their roles."

Kirti Rajwani

Manufacturing Improvement Manager, Videndum Production Solutions, UK

"I joined Videndum in 2013 as a Quality Engineer, and in January 2020 I got promoted to Manufacturing Improvement Manager. I have seen the Company go from strength to strength and 2020 brought us a whole new challenge with the pandemic. We had to introduce new measures to protect our employees to keep our production safe and efficient. This made us review lot of the company procedures and this is now in-line with the guidelines and the standard practice. We would not be able to achieve what we have without the exceptional teamwork and determination of every employee. We understand there could be more challenges ahead and we are ready to continue into 2021 stronger than ever."

Videndum Creative Solutionsplus

Joanne Ngo Marketing & Communications Manager - Teradek, Videndum Creative Solutions, USA
Colin Jackson Field Marketing Manager - Small HD, Videndum Creative Solutions, USA
Miranda Perez Sales Associate - CSLA, Videndum Creative Solutions, USA
Holly Rusk Sales Associate - Wooden Camera, Videndum Creative Solutions, USA
Kevin Kropp RMA Engineer - Teradek, Videndum Creative Solutions, USA
Chloe Collins Head of Community in Marketing - Small HD, Videndum Creative Solutions, USA

Ilan Hess

Verification Engineer, Videndum Creative Solutions, Israel

"Amimon is one of the greatest places I’ve worked at. The mix of engineers and office employees is fantastic. There is a great balance between professionalism and social interaction. Being a part of Creative Solutions means being part of a self-driven team with the freedom to create by developing new products."

Uri Basanov

Medical Sales Director, Videndum Creative Solutions, Israel

"I am honoured to be part of the Sales & Business Development team for a new product line designed at Amimon to be used in medical setups. Amimon has provided me and other co-workers with a remote work environment, enabling us to design and deliver solutions giving medical professionals flexibility when performing microsurgery procedures."



Mark Ye

Country Manager, Videndum Creative Solutions, China


"From the Videndum Group to Creative Solutions Divisional level, we saw all necessary measures taken to guarantee the safety of employees during the pandemic.

The launch of the Employee Assistance Program shows the Group really cares for its people. I feel safe and honoured to work for Videndum."

Doron Hanochi

Operation Engineering Manager, Videndum Creative Solutions, Israel

"2020 was a very challenging year to us all. In my day by day work, one of my tasks is to take care of transferring the technical knowledge to our assembly site in Taiwan. This year when all of it had to be done remotely with no control on site was new and challenging to us all. Amazingly, it was a doable mission."

Videndum Head Officeplus


 Felix Belloin

Corporate Development Executive, Videndum Head Office, UK

“I joined Videndum almost seven years ago, straight out of University. Being able to match my Corporate finance degree to my passion for photography is a real opportunity for me to add value to the Group. With more than 10 acquisitions since I joined, it is clear that Videndum is at the heart of an exciting market.”
David Barclay Group Financial Controller, FP&A & Investor Relations, Videndum Head Office, UK
“There’s no way I could have imagined the year ahead when I joined Videndum in January 2020. The company have been extremely supportive throughout, including allowing flexible hours to accommodate juggling a 1 year old before the nurseries opened!”