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William Vinten, a mechanical engineer from London begins manufacturing Kinemacolor projectors for Charles Urban, producer of the world's first successful motion picture colour system.

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The William Vinten company is officially founded. The company is based at 89-91 Wardour Street, in the heart of London’s film district and commenced trading as W.Vinten Cinematography Engineers.


With the outbreak of the First World War, William Vinten’s workshops are taken over by the government. The company is invited by Sopwith Aviation to work alongside them in their aeroplane factory in Kingston-Upon-Thames.


William Vinten is invited by the Royal Air Force to design and build a special cine-camera for use in aircraft. Vinten develops Model B - the first cine-camera that can be operated whilst hung over the side of an aircraft.


Gitzo is founded in France by Arsène Gitzhoven, who produce cameras, shutters, cable releases and film pack frames for the photographic industry.

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William Vinten becomes an Associate Member of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers (SMPE) and is later elected to the Royal Photographic Society. He is subsequently involved in the creation of the voluntary Film Censorship Board, which evolves into the British Board of Film Classification.


William Vinten becomes incorporated as a company.


Vinten supplies a variety of equipment for the world's first "high definition" public television tests, transmitted from Alexandra Palace in North London. The tests are arranged by the BBC between rival companies Marconi-EMI and the Baird Company in order to find the definitive television system.


The Second World War creates an increased requirement for reconnaissance cameras. Vinten’s military contracts secure a world market presence for reconnaissance work, particularly with the production of the F24 camera which is fitted into planes that fly over enemy territory.


OConnor is founded by Chadwell O’Connor, a designer and builder of steam power plants with a passion for locomotives.

Chad designed and built a Fluid Head camera support that would allow him to film moving locomotives smoothly. His innovative design caught the attention of Walt Disney who was so impressed that he ordered 10 for his new film, The Living Desert, which won the first Academy Award for Documentary Feature in 1953.

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Wendelin Sachtler, a cinematographer, actor and inventor designs the first tripod head in a small workshop in Munich-Schwabing, Germany. The new tripod proves so popular that it leads to the foundation of the new company, Sachtler.

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W Vinten Ltd relocates from Cricklewood, London to Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.


W Vinten Ltd is awarded the Queen's Award for Technological Innovation for the Peregrine Crane.


Anton/Bauer is established in Shelton Connecticut, United States. Set up by former engineering students from Cornell University, Anton Wilson and George Bauer, they combine creative and technical flare to produce innovative battery products.


W Vinten Ltd is floated on the London Stock Exchange.


W Vinten Ltd changes its name to Vinten Group, and a new company W Vinten Ltd is set up. The Vinten Group took care of investment holding and policy making, while W Vinten Ltd is responsible for development, manufacture and sales.


The first Manfrotto Tripod is launched. It is developed by the photojournalist, Lino Manfrotto, and technician, Gilberto Battocchio in Bassano del Grappa, Italy.


Vinten robotic camera control systems are awarded an EMMY Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical/Engineering Development.


The group rebrands as The Vitec Group plc.


The factory building in Bury St Edmunds is named the William Vinten Building, in a ceremony performed by Bill Vinten, son of William Vinten, founder of the business. The Broadcast Division continues to operate at this site.


Vinten celebrates 100 years from its original foundation.


A new production facility opens in Cartago, Costa Rica. The official opening is attended by the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla.


The Group rebrands as Videndum plc.