Our vision

To be the preferred employer for the very best people in our sector by providing an entrepreneurial environment that offers opportunities for our people to develop and thrive.


Our approach

We recognise that a business can only be as resilient as its people. At Videndum, we aim to attract, retain and grow a talented and diverse workforce, providing equal opportunities for all.

Our employees are the best in the sector, our greatest single asset and critical to our success. Their attitude and abilities, experience and market knowledge, and talent and commitment create a culture that supports product excellence, creativity and integrity. Our annual employee survey monitors important areas to our people and we implement action plans to address the feedback we receive. We ensure that we have consistent policies and processes to acquire, engage and retain our best talent. Initiatives focus on wellbeing, working environment, sustainability, diversity, employee benefits and training.

We have comprehensive benefits packages to support employees and remain competitive globally.

We also aim to provide our employees with an engaging and stimulating entrepreneurial environment where they are encouraged to learn and develop.


Employee engagement plus

Understanding how our employees feel about working for Videndum and whether they have any issues of concern is immensely important to us. In June 2022, we carried out our third all-employee survey; 76% of employees participated in the survey that focused on five questions covering health and safety and wellbeing, culture and values, communications, and satisfaction working for Videndum. All responses were over 85% positive. Feedback on the survey was shared with Divisional management to take corrective steps to continue to improve the employee experience.


We offer the Sharesave Scheme to all our employees in the UK, US, Italy, Germany, Costa Rica, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Sharesave allows employees to save a fixed monthly amount (currently up to £250) to purchase shares in the Company at a discount of up to 20% on the share price at the time of an offer.

Our Sharesave Scheme is extremely popular, with over 70% of Group employees participating in the scheme, demonstrating the close alignment between our employees and shareholders. We have specifically enhanced communication across the Group, to ensure it is well understood, and encourage as many employees as possible to participate in the scheme. Face-to-face presentations are held at sites and communications are translated into local languages. We plan to expand training to online resources for all employees to explain the process further and how to get involved.

Employee wellbeingplus

Employee wellbeing remains a top priority for the Board. We have continuously reviewed and improved processes across the Group to look after staff and improve colleagues’ wellbeing. Our all-employee assistance programme provides free and confidential support to all employees and their families on a range of matters, including counselling for emotional and psychological support, practical guidance and support on legal, financial, family and work matters.

Learning and developmentplus

Our people are our greatest asset and Videndum aims to offer a comprehensive training and development programme linked to performance reviews. The Board reviews leadership and succession plans across each of the Group’s Divisions to ensure a structured approach to growing and developing the Company’s future leaders. All employees receive training on health and safety procedures appropriate to their line of work and environment. The Group has also invested heavily in mitigating the growing risk of cyber attacks to our business by creating a security-aware business culture. A comprehensive annual training programme was designed and launched to all employees in 2022. The programme includes videos, a series of online and in-person cyber awareness training modules, and regular phishing simulations for all employees whether they work on site or from home.

Diversity and inclusionplus

We strive to employ a diverse workforce and foster an equal opportunities culture. Our approach to diversity follows a strict policy of sourcing the best person for the role irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, sexual preference, or disability. Our Code of Conduct sets out an express prohibition on discrimination of any kind.

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy sets out clear targets and action plans tailored to address our industry and our key area of weakness: a lack of female employees particularly in senior management roles. Over five years, we aim to increase the number of female employees across the Group to improve the Group’s overall gender diversity from 70% men, 30% women. At a senior leadership level, we expect the ratio of women to be at least 30%.

Flexible working policies are in place across our three Divisions and are open to all employees. Applications for employment by disabled persons are always fully considered, bearing in mind the respective aptitudes and abilities of the applicant concerned. If employees become disabled, all reasonable effort is made to ensure that their employment within the Group continues. The training, career development and promotion of disabled persons should be, as far as possible, identical to that of all other employees.

Download our Diversity Policy

Health and safetyplus

The health and safety of our people is of utmost importance, and we operate to stringent health and safety standards at all of our sites. We have continued to operate to a high health and safety standard, ensuring the safety of our people and have continued to share best practices across the Group. We have a health and safety policy available on our website with more detail found in our 2022 ESG Report. All major sites have health and safety committees that hold regular meetings to review health and safety performance. Our structure for health and safety management across the Group is as follows:

The Production Solutions’ sites in Cartago, Costa Rica and Bury St Edmunds, UK, and the Media Solutions sites in Bassano and Feltre, Italy, are certificated with the standard UNI EN ISO 45001. Therefore, over 700 employees of the Group are covered by accreditation on health and safety. We continued to train all staff members on safety relevant to their roles.

Our five-year accident record details the number of accidents resulting in over three days’ absence, accidents resulting in less than three days’ absence and near misses across the Group. Each event is thoroughly investigated, and remedial action is taken where necessary. There have been no work-related fatalities since the Group began collating health and safety statistics in 2002.

Five-year accident history



Accidents resulting in over three days’ absence.

Accidents resulting in three or less days’ absence.

Near misses (include events or circumstances that could have resulted in an accident).


























The increase in accidents and near misses in 2022 compared to 2021 and 2020 is principally due to the pandemic ending and employees returning to facilities.