2022 Annual Report

Videndum enables the capture and sharing of exceptional content.

Videndum plc Full Year Results 2022

Tuesday 28th February 2023

Introduction to Videndum

FY 2022

Record revenue and adjusted profit before tax


Revenue £451.2m

up 14%

Adjusted operating profit £60.0m

up 30%

Media Solutions

Revenue £217.8m

up 12%

Adjusted operating profit £33.1m

up 24%

Production Solutions

Revenue £137.8m

up 13%

Adjusted operating profit £31.4m

up 12%

Creative Solutions

Revenue £95.6m

up 23%

Adjusted operating profit £12.5m

up 51%

Financial calendar

Reports and presentations

We are continuing to transform the Group by driving sales and investing in new technologies.


We are committed to sustainable business that ensures the long-term success of Videndum for all our stakeholders.