Our vision

Ensuring we limit any negative impact on the environment and protect the natural resources we rely on creates long-term sustainability for the business.


Our approach

Videndum is committed to being an environmentally sustainable organisation. Although our operations do not have a particularly negative effect on the environment, we take our responsibilities seriously and have implemented initiatives to reduce the impact of our operations, products and services. To achieve our targets, over the last three years we have expanded our reporting to better monitor and manage our environmental impact, and we continue to develop our projects and initiatives. To drive success, we encourage cross Divisional learning and the sharing of best practice of ESG performance.

We aim to adopt technologies, materials and processes which minimise our impact on the environment and maximise our use of sustainable resources. Our efforts and environmental awareness continue to evolve, to comply with regulations and to make our business better and more sustainable. We have a wide range of initiatives aimed at sustaining and protecting the environment. These cover reducing energy use, carbon emissions, water, packaging and waste. We encourage environmentally sustainable behaviour at work and ensure that our employees understand how they can contribute. 

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2023 Environment Highlights

Energy resource managementplus

In 2023, and as part of the ISO 50001 implementation, we completed the necessary energy saving training with all employees in Cartago, Costa Rica.

Solar panels

A core energy management project was the implementation of photovoltaic panels at our Media Solutions site in Feltre, Italy, at the end of December 2023. There is one set of solar panels on the ground which supplies power to our painting and machining operations, and the other set is on the rooftop which supplies the tube cutting, computer numerical control (“CNC”) machining and our Pioneering lab operations. 

The system, with its installed power of 1 MWp and a production of 1.15 million kWh per year, will cover more than 25% of the electricity needs of our Feltre facility and will result in a 10% reduction in the Group’s annual Scope 1 and 2 emissions. With this development, all three of our main manufacturing sites now have solar panels installed, providing a substantial part of their energy needs.

In 2023, Production Solutions expanded the solar panel installation at their Cartago, Costa Rica site by 33%. At noon on a sunny day, 200 kW is surpassed. With this development, all three of our main manufacturing sites now have solar panels installed, providing a large part of their energy needs. As we move further into 2024, we are studying the feasibility of further expanding solar panel installation across some of our other facilities.

Energy contracts

The electricity we source at our sites is another key area of our energy resource management. On our journey to decarbonise our operational emissions, we are working to procure green energy contracts, where possible. Electricity at our Bury St Edmunds, UK facility is supplied from Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (“REGO”) contracts. The Cartago, Costa Rica site used 99.3% renewable energy in 2023. Power supply contracts at the Feltre, Italy, Ashby, and Byfleet, UK sites were moved to REGO contracts in 2021. Our Irvine, US site started using 100% renewable energy in April 2022. Throughout 2023, we explored the options to expand our renewable energy procurement across all other Creative Solutions sites, and a plan is currently being developed to move them to a renewable energy certificate (“REC”) plan. This will help us to achieve carbon neutrality using the market-based approach.

Sustainable operations and productsplus

Our products and services have a comparatively low impact on the environment. We use low hazard materials, minimise the use of resources during the manufacturing process, and search for sustainable materials that can be recycled or reused across production and packaging. We also aim to increase our products’ lifespan. Across the Group, we have a comprehensive after-sales process, to support our customers to prolong the life of the products they purchase and keep them in the best condition possible. Many of Videndum’s products, in particular supports, are designed and manufactured with an overall lifespan in some cases of up to 20 years. Production Solutions has been working to increase product lifespan, maintaining several B-stock channels, which helps to prolong the use of products and support them over time. The Division will have additional intentional design initiatives to address the sustainability of products when the PLCA is integrated into the NPI process. This will happen in 2024-2025. Moving forward, we continue to strive to prioritise product sustainability and learn from the progress made.   

Sustainable packaging

Packaging continues to be reviewed across the Group and we are currently looking at two key areas:

  1. Product packaging: Lowering the environmental impact of current packaging by gradually changing product boxes to recycled and FSC compliant paper. Replacing current polybags with recycled polybags or non-plastic bags.
  2. Reducing the impact of logistics packaging: Reducing additional e-commerce packaging and utilising reusable shipping packaging.

In Cartago, Costa Rica, Production Solutions is working with a small company who received a grant to develop a biodegradable material to replace foam inserts in boxes. We aim to report on the results in our 2024 ESG Report.

Waste managementplus

Various initiatives around the Group are in progress to further reduce the amount of waste created in our operations. We encourage recycling of waste products, materials, paper and other recyclable items. We aim to use materials efficiently; prevent or minimise waste through design; maximise on-site recovery (reuse or recycle); and minimise waste to landfills. Throughout the year we worked to improve our data collection processes for waste and committed to capturing the Group’s waste levels, packaging quantities and recycling initiatives to report annually. Targets have been set at the Group level for a 50% reduction in annual consumption of single-use plastics by 2024, and for 50% of cardboard packaging to be replaced by sustainable FSC certified cardboard or eliminated by the end of 2024. Media Solutions and Creative Solutions are both on track to meet these targets. Production Solutions is in the process of collecting data, however it is also likely to be on track to achieve both targets.

Waste initiatives

Initiatives and projects are underway across the Group to reach our targets. We are in the final stages of establishing a repair centre for the US side of our business. The Group’s goal is to have a Divisional repair centre on the East and West Coast of the US, to cut cross country shipments and extend our products’ lifetime, where possible. Across the Group, we aim to reuse boxes from shipments and packaging materials. As ISO 14001 certified facilities, both Cartago, Costa Rica and Bury St. Edmunds, UK have waste and recyclable material handling suppliers who have to certify the proper disposal or recycling of our waste. This includes metals, batteries, waste water, contaminated materials, biohazardous material and others. Productions Solutions’ Cartago, Costa Rica site also holds an event called “Videndum Recycles,” where employees are incentivised to recycle paper, cardboard, electronic waste, glass and plastic using the Company’s waste management resources. A recycling fair takes place approximately every quarter and the materials are collected in large bins that are later picked up by a waste management company.

Water stewardshipplus

Whilst some of our production processes do use water, it is important to highlight that it is not a significant amount. In 2022, we started to collect data on our water consumption, with the intention of developing this process across the Group and to set a reasonable target for reduction. We aim to publicly report our water usage in the coming years across our manufacturing, warehouse and administrative sites, and identify areas to reduce usage where possible. We will partner with third-party experts, to ensure that accurate and timely data collection processes are embedded throughout the Group. Each Division has or is currently implementing water-saving initiatives to reduce their consumption. Initiatives range from waterless urinals or limited flushing options on toilets, to motion-controlled faucets in lavatories. In 2023, Media Solutions collected monthly water consumption data at all of their manufacturing sites. Using this data, in 2024 the Division will develop a reduction plan.


Although the Group has little direct contact with biodiversity, we recognise its importance for the planet. Across our Divisions we ensure our sites emit limited pollution and are not disruptive to any nearby wildlife. Production Solutions continued their partnership with the Rainforest Trust again this year as part of their Action4Good Wellness Month. The organisation seeks to permanently safeguard 20 million acres of intact forest over the next four years as new protected areas and Indigenous territories. Rainforests are essential to life on Earth. Not only do they provide air, water, medicine, food and shelter to a multitude of living beings, they are also one of our best natural defences against climate change because of their capacity to absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The Division saved 9,000 acres of rainforest through this project, by raising £9,000. £1, equivalent to one acre, was donated for every 30 minutes of exercise logged in the Action4Good app between September and October 2023.

Supply Chainplus

We work with our supply chain to ensure preference is given to materials with low embodied energy, minimal environmental impact and which are, where possible, locally sourced. We have long-standing relationships with many of our suppliers and operate in a transparent and timely manner. In 2023, our Divisional Leads engaged with our top 90 suppliers to gain insights into their approach to key ESG topics. We aim to continue to engage with our top suppliers, ensuring we maintain strong levels of communication on ESG topics. At a minimum we ensure that our suppliers are consistent with Videndum’s Code of Conduct and that all raw materials are sourced ethically and sustainably. As a part of our Industry 4.0 programme, we look to localise our supply chain.

Case Studies

Production Solutions – Salt-E Dog Clean Powerplus

In May 2023, Salt-E Dog, a sodium-based 9kWh mobile power source designed specifically for the motion picture and television industry was launched. The industry-first power source delivers consistent and reliable energy and addresses the pressing issue of carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel or lithium generators. It signifies a major milestone in sustainable power for the media and entertainment industry, positioning our Anton/Bauer brand as a leading provider of clean energy solutions. Using Salt-E Dog instead of a fuel generator, reduces carbon emissions by up to 11,800 kg of CO2 and 222 kg of NOx per unit per year. Pollutants from fossil fuel generators are detrimental to the environment and the health of casts and crew. Salt-E Dog’s operation contributes to a cleaner and healthier working environment. Not only is the sodium cell 100% recyclable, but it also has a lower Global Warming Potential (“GWP”) rating compared to lithium-ion batteries, making it the most environmentally friendly choice in the market. The motion picture and television industry plays a crucial role in inspiring audiences and driving change. We are excited to be at the forefront of industry sustainability efforts by producing a cleaner, more environmentally safe alternative to traditional power sources.

Solar panel installation in Feltre, Italy plus

At the end of December 2023, we installed solar panels at our Media Solutions factory in Feltre, Italy. The system, with its installed power of 1 MWp and a production of 1.15 million kWh per year, will cover more than 25% of the electricity needs of the factory and will result in a 10% reduction in the Group’s annual Scope 1 and 2 emissions. With this development, all three of our main manufacturing sites now have solar panels installed, providing a substantial part of their energy needs.